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Curran Hall

Curran Hall Imagine living in a place where you have experienced unusual occurrences and you suspect that a ghost is living in your house. You think that if you painted the walls, ceiling and floors black that you would be able to see this ghost. Such an event took place at Curran Hall in 1893. During this time period, it was customary that when someone died in this house, their coffin would be placed either by the fireplace in the front parlor or between the large doors going into the dining room. The last resident commented that her dogs and cats would never lie down in either of these rooms. The house was built in 1843 by Col. Ebenezer Walters and his wife, Mary Eliza. She died in premature childbirth before the house was completed and the Colonel sold the house and moved to Texas to fight in the Mexican war. Mary is believed to haunt Curran Hall and this is evidenced by an EVP (electronic voice phenomena) that captured her voice. Several paranormal investigations have taken place and from the evidence collected, Curran Hall is definitely a hot spot of paranormal activity.